Red Wing Anniversary Boot – The Huntsman

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2015_1Introduced in 1936, Red Wing Shoes’ popular no. 668 was marketed as “The Bird Shooter’s Boot.” The 668 debuted as one of the company’s first hunting boots and quickly became a boot of choice for long days outdoors. Over time, the 668 would eventually evolve into Red Wing’s iconic style no. 877. Red Wing Heritage is re-imaging the 668 for our company’s 110-year anniversary with the introduction of ‘the Huntsman’. Inspired by our early hunt boot designs, the Huntsman is an 8-inch lace-up leather boot built with Black Klondike leather and the same Gro-Cord sole material as the original 668. This rubber sole was an innovation at a time in which leather soles were commonplace. The Gro-Cord sole allowed sportsmen to move silently in the field. Featuring gunmetal eyelets, rawhide leather laces and the 668’s signature sole, The Huntsman pays high respects to Red Wing Shoe Company’s sportsman heritage.2015_blog



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  2. Hi!
    I’m thinking about buying them, But I just want to make something clear first.

    Are they waterproof? Like the other red wing boots.

    I’d appreciate fast feedback.


    By Carl Matson
  3. Hi, they’re water resistant like all our boots in the Heritage Collection. They can stand a lot of wet and rain, but we do not claim 100% waterproofness.

    By wytsehylkema Post author

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