Red Wing Post no.2

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This year Red Wing Shoe Company celebrates their 110th anniversary. It was 1905 when Charles Beckman founded the Red Wing Shoe Company, which today still operates driven by the values its founder impersonated: a ‘hands-on’ mentality and a dedication to always aim for the best product possible. Anniversaries inspire us to celebrate the present while simultaneously looking back at the path taken and honoring the events that made us who we are today. The second edition of the Red Wing Post, launching today, will follow that habit.

We visited the St. James Hotel, a historic landmark in Red Wing where time stands still, and we dove into our archives to dust off a series of portraits of the men working in our leather tanning facilities. Looking at where we are today, we explore the mentality and work of modern craftsmen. We met with the Wrenchmonkees, innovators in motorbike design, we got inspired by self pro-claimed ‘harvester of American culture’ Forrest Wozniak, and we learned about the adventures of photographer Yamandu Roos’ 10-year road-trip through Europe. And much, much more.

And since it’s not a true anniversary without a special treat, we proudly present our anniversary boot: The Huntsman. This boot has a design that is pulled straight from our archives, as there is always a place for nostalgia in a 110-year old company.

The Red Wing Post is exclusively available at the Red Wing Shoe Stores.

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