It all began in 1905

In a small Minnesota town called Red Wing.

Photo courtesy of Minnesota Historical Society


Charles Beckman

Charles Beckman (1905)

In 1905, Charles Beckman, a successful local shoe merchant, created the Red Wing Shoe Company with 14 other investors.

Original Boot

Original Boot (1905)

The original work boot from Red Wing’s first year featured leather, buckles and laces for a secure fit.

Cutting Room

Cutting Room (1908)

The first generation of shoe making craftsmen cut Red Wing's heavy-weight leather by hand.

Plant 1

Plant 1 (1908)

The original Red Wing Shoe plant was located on the corner of Main Street and Potter.

Oil King Boots

Oil King Boots (1920)

With the introduction of boots for oil field workers, Red Wing started developing specialty work boots to meet specific occupational needs.


Gloria (1926)

The original Red Wing women's boot, the Gloria debuted in the 1926 catalog.

Billy Boot

Billy Boot (1932)

The Billy Boot featured a side snap pocket for a pocket knife, making it one of the company’s top-selling styles.

Outdoor Girl

The Original Marion (1932)

Miss Donna Mae Kohn is wearing Red Wing Boot No. 3961 with her drum major's uniform. Photo courtesy of Red Wing Shoe Co. archives.

Mobile Shoe Sales

Mobile Shoe Sales (1940 – 1964)

Red Wing introduced its first mobile shoe sales service, allowing workers to buy shoes at their workplace.

Irish Setter

Irish Setter (1952)

The 877 was introduced. The leather’s color mirrored the coat of an Irish Setter.

Plant 2

Plant 2 (1964)

A second plant opened in Red Wing, just three miles away from the original facility.

Rockwell Ads

Rockwell Ads (1966)

Renowned American artist Norman Rockwell was hired to create ads for the company.

S.B. Foot Tanning Company

S.B. Foot Tanning Company (1986)

Originally founded in 1872 on the banks of Trout Brook, S.B. Foot was acquired by Red Wing in 1987.


Centennial (2005)

In 2005, Red Wing celebrated its centennial anniversary. A size 638 ½ D boot was built in honor of the milestone, standing 16 feet tall and weighing 2,300 pounds, qualifying it for a Guinness World Record.


Women's Heritage Collection (2016)

Celebrating our 90 year history of making indispensable footwear for independent women.

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