New | Iron Ranger Style No.8119

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8119_LS_smRe-introduced in 2008, the iconic Iron Ranger boot has been a mainstay since its debut. Modeled after boots Red Wing Shoes designed for Minnesota iron workers in the early 1900s, the Iron Ranger continues to soar in popularity today. Today we launch a new version of the Iron Ranger, equipped with a 430 Vibram outsole. This new Iron Ranger style is the first in the line with a lug outsole. The rubber outsole provides grip and traction while maintaining the sleek, sharp look of a traditional Iron Ranger boot.

Mining on the Iron Range was a dangerous job full of hazards and the brave workers who took these jobs required extra protection on their feet. To meet the demands of this type of work, Red Wing Shoes designed a boot with a capped toe that was double layered with leather. The heel pocket, an extra strip of leather that supports the heel inside the boot, was moved to the outside of the boot for added stability. These design changes provided a seamless boot interior and added durability to the exterior of the boot; necessities for workers on their feet all day in the harsh conditions of the mines.

The 8119 features premium Oxblood leather, tanned in Red Wing Shoes own Minnesota tannery. Equipped with bronze speed hooks and eyelets, this 6-inch boot is built in the company’s Red Wing, Minnesota, factory with Goodyear welt and triple-stitch construction.

8119_2sm 8119_3sm


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  2. I am a very happy owner of a pair of 8111. The only thing I hate about them is the sole, especially living in New England. I can’t tell you how many times I have slipped in the snow or in the slush. Is it possible to have you guys swap out the sole on my 8111’s for the sole of the 8119?

    By Matt
  3. It is possible. Please contact our customer service team by phone, they can walk you through how.

    By Ken Taylor
  4. Similar to what Matt is asking. Is there a way to get the lug version of the Iron Ranger in a color other than Oxblood? That’s the only thing holding me back. Maybe Copper or Amber?

    By Kelly

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