Pecos – A Classic Pull On Boot

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Red Wing Heritage Pecos Boots

Red Wing Shoe Company is perhaps best known for the work boots made for the farmers, miners, and sportsmen of the Upper Midwest but early on, we introduced another boot for a different group of workers in the American West. We had an office in Dallas, Texas as early as 1923 to serve the unique market of ranchers, cowboys and oil drilling roughnecks in the region.

At the time, most of these workers wore pull-on riding boots, often with decorative stitching, and Red Wing responded with one of its own in the 1930s. By the 1950s, with typical Minnesota understatement, we did away with the decorative flourish and introduced a pull-on boot of our own devising.

This pull-on boot was given a new name, the Pecos, after a town in Texas and it evolved into one of our most popular styles. The renowned Red Wing durability worked as well on the ranches of the Southwest as they did the farms and fields of Minnesota. The appeal of the Pecos spread, thanks to its simple design, comfortable fit, and rugged good looks. Still made the same way with quality leathers in our factory in Red Wing, the Pecos is now seen on hardworking feet from coast to coast, both ends of the Mississippi, and everywhere in between. Call it a cowboy boot, with a Minnesota twist.

Style no: 8187
Style no: 8187


Style no: 8188
Style no: 8188



  1. I just read the online article (August 6, 2016) on the Star Tribune website about Red Wing Shoes launching a new line for women. This is great news! I am writing to suggest or encourage you to add your Pecos boots to your list of boots made for women. If you do, I will buy a pair and I imagine many other women will as well. Thanks for considering.
    Anne Dougherty

    By Anne Dougherty
  2. Best pair of boots I have ever owned. I west them every day on the job site for work for over 3 years now and they look better as they age.

    By Alex
  3. I bought a pair in 2004 and they still look and feel great. I know of three people that eyeballed my boots and ask me what kind they were. I said Red Wings! Next thing I know, they’re wearing my boots. They’re very comfortable boots. I’m an architect and I wear them in the office and out on the job. The Pecos is a simple and solid boot with just the right amount of fancy stitching at the top. (Don’t see the nice stitching on the new boot). Also, the older they get the better they look.

    Mitchell Malone

    By Mitchell Malone
  4. We do not make this in Children sizes at this time but something we will take in consideration.

    By Ken Taylor Post author
  5. This type of boots were issued to me whilst working in the North Sea on the Ekofisk Oil Platform in the 70s.I am still wearing them today during the winter here in the United Kingdom.Fantastic boots and actually the second pair I have owned.I would love to know the price of them today however.Now that Gt Britain is proudly out of the European Union,let our two countries start trading more with each other starting with your RedWing stuff to the UK.Great stuff as always from great USA.

    By Colin Macleod

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