Red Wing anecdotes – A young sailor

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Nothing makes us more proud than hearing stories about the adventures people experienced in their Red Wings. Burkhard came across Red Wing boots for the first time during an adventure of a lifetime.
Burkhard_blog2“The year was 1967 and my father had sent me off to work as a deck hand on a freight ship. The route had taken us to New York City. Thanks to a breakdown, we were stranded there for two weeks waiting for the ship to be repaired. 15 years young and driven by a thirst for adventure, I read Ernest Hemingway and learned about what he considered to be the ultimate traveling gear. I decided to search for the items needed for this ‘Hemingway travel pack’ in downtown Manhattan. Apart from a much longed for Filson bag, I ended up buying my first pair of Red Wings in a small store on 16th Street.

I bought the American made boots not knowing that only two weeks later they would save my feet from being maimed. While I was scrubbing the deck, the brake on a massive pulley lining up a 40mm thick steel cable came loose and went zipping past my feet, tearing apart the entire left side of my boot. Within seconds, the steel splinters on the cable had shredded the leather open, but the leather boots’ robustness had spared my feet a similar fate.

Following tradition, I honored my Red Wing work boots by giving them a seaman’s funeral. They are now at rest at the bottom of the Atlantic near Greenland, not far from the place where the Titanic sunk.”




  1. Wonderful to read this story about Burhard’s adventure and how he got stranded in New York for 2 weeks. What a great place for a 15 year old.
    I’m glad they saved his feet. Great these shoes have been around for a while! Must be premium quality.

    By Marita Steffe

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